Privacy Policy and Data Protection

INSURANCE OF THE EAST SA DE SEGUROS (AESA SEGUROS), with legal address at Republica Argentina 778 between Toribio Pacheco and Alberto Souza, Asuncion, Paraguay, is the owner of the Website (THE SITE), and responsible for the files generated with the personal data provided by users through this Site.

AESA SEGUROS guarantees the privacy and confidentiality of the Personal Data provided by its owners (THE USER) in accordance with Law No. 1682 and Law No. 1969 of the Republic of Paraguay that regulate private information.

AESA SEGUROS protects what matters most, including the privacy of Site users. Therefore, all information collected regarding THE USER's use of the site will be treated in accordance with the "Privacy Policy and Data Protection," which THE USER accepts by using the website and our available applications.

1. Registration and Access by THE USER

In case THE USER wants to register to use THE SITE or our applications, they must provide accurate and complete information and update it when necessary.

The definitive username and a temporary password will be generated, which THE USER is responsible for changing, and must comply with the minimum security measures dictated by AESA SEGUROS. We recommend always logging out to prevent unauthorized use by third parties and/or unauthorized persons.

2. Use of Information and Data Protection

AESA SEGUROS will use the data provided by THE USER to inform them about its products and services, to provide more effectively the services that THE USER requests, having the following features available:

  • - Policies: Policy consultation with included coverages, account statement consultation, insurance beneficiary consultation, consultation of the conditions of Policies of all the insurances offered by AESA SEGUROS, Download of the list of contracted Policies, Download of Policies, Download of Invoice, Download of Green Card, Download of Certificate, request for a quote for New insurances, among others.
  • - Claims: Consult reported claims, Register New claims, upload documents and photos of the claim, consult the list of authorized workshops, among others.
  • - Payments: make online payments, download Receipts.

AESA SEGUROS will not disclose the provided information to any external organization, except in the following cases:

  • - With the prior authorization of the client.
  • - Requirement by law or by resolution of the competent authority.
  • - With service providers, solely and exclusively operating with AESA SEGUROS to provide the service. Providers are not authorized to share the personal information made available to them for any purpose other than providing the service, and for this, they sign an irrevocable confidentiality agreement to which they are bound.

AESA SEGUROS guarantees that it will not sell, rent, transfer, or assign THE USER's data to third parties without their express consent.

3. Security and User Responsibility

AESA SEGUROS undertakes to use its best efforts, within the framework of available technology, to protect and safeguard the personal information provided by THE USER, ensuring adequate protection levels. To do this, we have implemented security measures designed to protect this information.

However, it is important to recognize that no internet security measure is infallible. Therefore, we cannot guarantee 100% security. Consequently, AESA SEGUROS assumes no responsibility for damages, losses, or loss of benefits that THE USER or third parties may suffer due to security breaches.

In the event of unauthorized access to their credentials, THE USER must notify AESA SEGUROS immediately.

In addition, if THE USER decides to voluntarily share personal information, whether digitally or physically, third parties may access and use that information. AESA SEGUROS is not responsible for the consequences of such actions.

It should be noted that, both on THE SITE and in our applications, there may be links to third-party websites or applications. It is the USER's responsibility to review the privacy policies and terms of use applicable to such third-party sites or applications. AESA SEGUROS is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these third-party sites or applications.

4. Email

Email submissions may be exposed to risks such as interceptions, losses, or modifications. AESA SEGUROS assumes no responsibility for such incidents, either to THE USER or to third parties, for any damage or inconvenience that may arise in connection with the emails sent to us or sent to any member of AESA SEGUROS staff.

5. Minimum Age and Consent

Access, navigation, registration, and use of THE SITE and our applications imply the total and irrevocable acceptance of our Privacy Policy and Data Protection.

This consent includes THE USER's affirmation, under oath, of having reached the age of majority, established at 18 years. Users under 18 years of age must refrain from using our site and applications.

In the event that a minor accesses these services, their parents, guardians, or legal representatives will assume full responsibility for their use, including, but not limited to, any expense or cost derived from such use.

If THE USER does not agree, they should not use both THE SITE and our applications, or they can request the cancellation of their user account.

6. Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify this policy. Changes will be effective immediately after being published on our website or in our applications. If THE USER uses it after modifications to this policy have been introduced, it implies their acceptance of the changes.

7. User Rights

THE USER has the right to access, correct, delete, or limit the use of their personal information. To exercise these rights, THE USER can contact AESA SEGUROS.

8. Contact

If THE USER has questions about this policy or how we handle their personal information, they can contact:

  • Hotline: (021) 616-5000
  • Email:
  • Whatsapp: 0976-165000
  • Address: Rca. Argentina 778 between Pacheco and Alberto Souza.