Our Products


Basic, specific and additional auto coverage

Home insurancer

Home coverage with additional services included

Community Life

Community life insurance for employees and workers and for cancellation of debts

Civil Liabilities

Coverage for Lifts and Forklifts, Private Life, Construction, Operation of Dry Cleaners, Comprehensive RC and Operation of Service Stations.


Glass coverage that includes compensation for damage or replacement of glasses, crystals and / or mirrors specified in the contract.

Technical Risk

Electronic Equipment Coverage, Assemblies, Machinery Breakdown


Insurance for Credit Card, Shops, Employee Loyalty, Values in safe, Values in transit, Homes.


Basic and additional fire coverage.


Coverage for accidents in case of; death, temporary disability. permanent disability, medical assistance.

Personal Accidents

Electronic Equipment Coverage, Assemblies, Machinery Breakdown


Transportation coverage, helmet and machinery insurance and cargo insurance.


Various Caution coverage.

¿What is the most suitable coverage for me?

A consultant producer can provide you with all the necessary information so you can safely contract this product or the one that best suits your needs.