Civil Liabilities

Civil Liabilities Coverage

The Company undertakes to indemnify the Insured, insofar as it owes a third party as a result of the Civil Liability incurred by the exercise of its activity detailed in the Particular Conditions, in the territory of the Republic of Paraguay.

The insurance applies exclusively within the territory of the Republic of Paraguay. The rights that are asserted against the Insured based on civil liability for losses occurred abroad, or before foreign Courts, or that are governed by foreign legal provisions, are not included.

Fines are excluded in all cases of this insurance.

Excluded Risks

The company does not cover, unless otherwise agreed, the liability of the Insured, unless it is caused by or comes from:

  • Contractual obligations
  • Transmission of disease
  • Damage to other people’s things that are in the possession of the Insured or members of its family, by any degree
  • Gas leak, fire or explosion or electrical discharges, unless it occurs in the permanent or temporary home of the Insured.
  • Animals, or by transmission of their diseases.
  • Nuclear transmutations.
  • Acts of civil or international war or riot or popular tumult.
  • Acts of war, terrorism, rebellion, sedition, strike or lock-out.

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