Crystals Coverage

Crystals Coverage

The coverage of this insurance includes:

  • The Company will indemnify the Insured for the damage or will replace the glasses, crystals and / or mirrors specified in the contract, up to the amounts stipulated in it.
  • It is understood by any break, fracture, breakage and / or cracks as a result of:
    • Damages caused by tumult or popular fuss or strike.
    • In case of breaks caused by third parties.
    • Damages caused by tremors, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or other seismic phenomena.
    • Damage caused by hail, hurricane, gale, cyclone or twister, storms and other atmospheric phenomena.

Excluded Risks

This policy does not cover damages that come directly or indirectly from:

  • Damages by war, invasion, foreign enemy act or any act of hostility and warlike operation.
  • Damages caused by civil war, rebellion, military power, revolution.
  • Fire and / or explosions that happen at the same place.
  • Damage caused during the transfer of objects to another place.
  • Damages caused by repairs or remodeling of the local.
  • Damages caused by dependent persons of the insured.

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