Theft Coverage

The Company will compensate the Insured for the theft of the insured goods, or the damages suffered by them as a result of the theft or its attempt, which are in a specified place and which are their property or that of third parties.

The Company considers theft to be the illegitimate seizure of a material asset, totally or partially foreign, with physical violence on people or force on things.

Types Of Theft Insurance

  • Private Home Theft Insurance.
  • About the general content of the house.
  • Commercial Premises Theft Insurance.
  • About the furniture, merchandise, machinery and general content of the business.
  • Observation: Points 1 and 2 exclude theft of money, jewelry and other monetary values.
  • Theft Securities in Transit Insurance.
  • About money and / or securities that are in circulation, declared by the Insured.
  • Security Theft Insurance in Safe.
  • On money and / or securities that are in the Safe.

Excluded Risks

  • When the crime has been committed by any member of the insured’s family, up to the fourth degree of consanguinity or affinity, or any of the employees or dependents of the insured.
  • When the goods are out of the place described in the contract.
  • When it comes from theft, even if it is perpetuated with false keys or similar instruments, or that the true key had been found, retained or stolen without intimidation and violence.
  • When the theft occurs as a result of war, revolution, rebellion, sabotage, strike or popular tumult, floods.
  • The franchise will be set for each particular case.

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