School Coverage

School Coverage

The Company will compensate the Insured for the misfortunes caused by accidents in the event of:

  • Death
  • Temporary disability
  • Permanent disability
  • Medical assistance
  • Civil liability

That they have the characteristics and in the circumstances mentioned below:

It is understood by physical bodily injuries that are determined by fractures, dislocations, dilacerations and muscular or visceral tears (of the organs), asphyxia by immersion, asphyxia and poisoning of the blood by toxic and unbreathable gases, intoxication or poisoning by ingestion of toxic substances or food in poor condition, eaten on school grounds.

Burns produced by fire, boiling water and water vapor and all injuries and traumatisms (blows) suffered by the insured schoolchild due to external mechanical causes, provided that in all these cases they are completely unforeseen and independent of the will of the insured schoolchild and provided that the disability or death are direct effects of the same injuries caused by accidents, occurred:

  • During class or recess hours, even on Sundays and holidays, both in the same school and school playing fields and in other schools where an activity organized by the institution is being carried out.
  • On the occasion of appearing in a private or official educational center, as well as in processions, parades, walks, group excursions; either on foot or by any means of locomotion and provided it is under the custody of one of the teachers.
  • Death or disqualification due to accidents resulting from the practice of sports that are part of the school curriculum, as long as they are practiced at school or on its sports fields or at school competitions and in the presence and custody of one of its teachers.
  • During the trip from home to school or vice versa and at the usual times for entry or exit, either on foot or by any means of locomotion or while keeping these vehicles in the corresponding places.
  • When they make trips abroad on behalf of the school and whenever it is under the custody of one of the teachers.

Limitation Of Coverage

  • Children under 5 years of age and those over 18 years of age cannot be insured (unless otherwise agreed), nor are deaf, blind, myopic with more than ten diopters, mutilated legs or arms, epileptics, or those who by reason diseases and / or serious defects, constitute a risk of aggravated accidents.

Risks Not Covered

  • Accidents originated as a result of the insured school having practiced in student riots, student strikes and / or popular riots; Unless you have not participated in them as an active element.
  • All accidents that are not related to the provisions of the coverage, and those that occur outside the hours of entry and exit, extending one hour before entry and one hour after departure.
  • All accidents that occur as a result of having consumed drugs, narcotics, alkaloids or alcoholic beverages.
  • All accidents derived from the handling by the insured of automobiles, motorcycles and similar vehicles.

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