Technical Risk Coverage

Technical Risk Coverage

The company will be responsible for damages as a result of:

  • Fire, lightning strike, explosion, implosion.
  • Smoke, soot, gases or corrosive liquids or powders.
  • Flooding, action of water and humidity, provided they do not come from normal atmospheric conditions or from the environment in which the insured goods are located.
  • Short circuit, short-circuiting, arcing, magnetic field disturbances, insufficient insulation, surges caused by lightning, roasting of insulation.
  • Construction errors, assembly failures, material defects.
  • Handling errors, carelessness, inexperience, as well as malicious damage and fraud from third parties.
  • Robbery with violence.
  • Hail, frost, storm.
  • Subsidence, landslide, rockfall, avalanches.
  • Other accidents that are not excluded in this policy or in the special conditions attached to it in such a way that they will need repair or replacement.


  • The stipulated franchise in the narrative part of the policy, which will be in charge of the insured in any event
  • Loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by, or resulting from, earthquake, tremor, sea shock or tidal wave and volcanic eruption, typhoon, cyclone or hurricane.
  • Loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by theft
  • Loss or damage caused by any fault or defect existing at the beginning of this insurance, which are known to the Insured or by his representatives, responsible for the insured goods, regardless of whether or not said defects or defects were known to the Company.
  • Losses or damages caused directly or indirectly by failure or interruption in the supply of electricity from the public network, gas or water.
  • Loss or damage that is a direct consequence of continuous operation (wear, cavitation, erosion, corrosion, encrustation) or gradual deterioration under atmospheric conditions.
  • Any expense incurred to eliminate operational failures, unless such failures were caused by compensable loss or damage occurred to the insured property.
  • Any expenses incurred to the maintenance of insured goods.
  • Loss or damage whose responsibility falls on the manufacturer or supplier of the insured goods either legally or contractually.
  • Loss or damage to leased or rented equipment, when the responsability falls on the owner, either legally or according to the lease-option agreement and/or maintenance
  • Consequential losses or liabilities of any kind.
  • Loss or damage to wearing parts, such as bulbs, valves, tubes, bands, fuses, seals, tapes, wires, chains, tires, replaceable tools, engraved rollers, glass, porcelain or ceramic objects or any means of operation (for example : lubricants, fuels, chemical agents).
  • Aesthetic defects, such as painted, polished, or varnished surface scratches.

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